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While we’ve previously compared the kit on the Proton X50 variants, the full specifications and equipment on all the four available versions haven’t been fully outlined until today with the official introduction of the SUV. Our launch report has delved into the car in great detail, but let’s take a closer look at the exact differences between the Standard, Executive, Premium and Flagship.

Proton X50 Standard – RM79,200 OTR without insurance, with SST exemption

This is the base model in the range, but as you’ll see in the specs list further down, the entry-level X50 is well kitted. The car wasn’t available for photos at press time, but it does look almost identical to the silver-coloured Executive seen in our live photo set here.

Aside from the lack of front fog lamps and front parking sensors, the Standard adheres to the look of the range further afield. Styling features include full LED projector headlamps, a gloss black grille with red outline, a lower splitter with carbon-fibre print and silver 17-inch wheels with Giti tyres. At the back, the Standard gets the same rear spoiler, LED tail lights and quad-exhaust pipes, adorned with a carbon-fibre print rear diffuser.

Inside, the variant comes with a polyurethane steering wheel and full black fabric seat upholstery with contrast stitching, and it is the only variant in the model range fitted with four airbags. These are the primary interior differences from the Executive.

Otherwise, like with the latter, you’ll find an all-black dashboard, a traditional analogue instrument cluster with a small colour screen, cruise control, keyless entry, push-start ignition, and it even comes with remote engine start.

Other things shared between the Standard and Executive variants include an electronic parking brake with auto hold, manually-adjustable driver’s seat, four speakers, manual air-conditioning with a N95 cabin filter and dedicated rear air vents as well as three USB chargers and a reverse camera.

The Standard gets the same engine as the Executive and Premium, in this case a 1.5 litre three-cylinder turbocharged with multi-point fuel injection called the 1.5T PFI, designated as the 1.5L T in this application. Output for the unit is 150 PS (or 147 hp) at 5,500 rpm and 226 Nm, available from 1,500 to 4,000 rpm.

It’s paired with a seven-speed (wet) dual-clutch automatic transmission, driving the front wheels. The gearbox, which is found across the entire X50 range, has a manual mode, but no paddle shifters, as the X50 doesn’t come with them. Three drive modes – Normal, Eco and Sport – are available.

Proton X50 Executive – RM84,800, OTR without insurance, with SST exemption

The X50 Executive, which is priced at RM84,200 on-the-road without insurance (with SST exemption), making it RM5,000 more than the Standard, adds on front parking sensors, LED fog lamps and an automatic function for the headlamps. Inside, there’s a leather-wrapped steering wheel, full black leatherette (faux leather) upholstery and two additional airbags to make it a count of six.

Like the Standard, the Executive comes with a smaller eight-inch touchscreen central display. It supports “Hi Proton” voice commands, online navigation through AMAP, online music streaming through Joox. There’s also Bluetooth and smartphone connectivity, along with a reverse camera.

Proton X50 Premium – RM93,200 OTR without insurance, with SST exemption

Next, we come to the second-highest model in the range, and the Premium – which is priced at RM93,200 with SST exemption until December 31, 2020 – dresses the SUV further with red brake callipers and 18-inch dual-tone alloy wheels fitted with Continental UltraContact 6 tyres. The variant is also equipped with silver-coloured roof rails and front welcome lamps on the side mirrors.

Inside, the Premium features a two-tone interior, with a lot of dark red contrast tones found on the dashboard’s top panel, the door cards and centre armrest. The leatherette upholstery for the seats also gets dressed in a two-tone scheme, complete with red contrast stitching.

Additional kit for the variant includes a power adjustable driver’s seat and a full digital instrument cluster, complete with different themes for the three driving modes.

The centre touchscreen also gains display acreage, and the 10.25-inch widescreen unit adds on extra functionalities for the “Hi Proton” voice commands, including that for controlling window operation. The Premium also adds on Proton Link app connectivity, where you can lock/unlock or start the car to set the air-condition on remotely via your smartphone.

Speaking of air-conditioning, the Premium makes the shift to automatic climate control, although it’s a single-zone system. Elsewhere, the audio system’s loudspeaker count goes up from four to six, and a tyre-pressure monitoring system finds its way on. You also get a full set of cameras for the 360-degree parking camera system.

Another change is with the window controls – you now get auto up for all windows with the Premium. The lower variants get auto down for all windows, but auto up only for the driver.

Proton X50 Flagship – RM103,300 OTR without insurance, with SST exemption

The Flagship is priced at RM103,300 (with SST exemption until December 31), which makes it RM10,100 more than the Premium version. While that’s quite a big gap, it’s made up by the long list of features that are exclusive to it.

It’s the only model in the range to feature a slightly different engine – it’s still a 1.5 litre turbocharged three-pot, but one with a direct-injection system. The 1.5 litre TD mill (known as the 1.5L TGDi on the SUV) ups the output to 177 PS (or 174 hp) at 5,000 rpm and 255 Nm from 1,500 to 4,000 rpm, which is 27 PS and 29 Nm more than the 1.5 litre PFI seen on the other three variants.

Externally, it’s easily distinguishable from the other three X50 versions by its two-tone exterior, courtesy of its black roof and black side mirror caps, and if you get close up, by its TGDi badging on the sides. Inside, extra bits are a full panoramic sunroof with a powered sunblind cover and an auto-dimming rear view mirror, as well as automatic rain-sensing wipers.

The most significant parts are all tucked away from sight, save for an extra camera behind the windscreen and a radar mounted on the bumper. These are part of the variant’s Advanced Driver Assistance System (ADAS), which includes Forward Collision Warning with Autonomous Emergency Braking (AEB) in its suite.

Other items in the ADAS set include Adaptive Cruise Control with Stop and Go, active lane keeping assist, lane departure warning, blind spot warning, auto high beam and auto-park assist. As previously reported, the X50 has a full five-star ASEAN NCAP crash safety rating, and this is for all four variants available, since the crash tests were carried out on the Standard.

Finally, exterior colour options, and there are six colours to choose from. However, not all the shades are available for all the variants. The Standard can only be had in Snow White, Armour Silver and Ocean Blue, while the Executive adds on the option of Jet Grey and Citric Orange to make it five. Meanwhile, Passion Red is exclusive to the Premium and Flagship, which both get the full six colour options.

The Proton X50 comes with a five-year unlimited mileage warranty, a free data package of 1GB per month for five years as well as three labour-free charges for servicing. At today’s launch, the company announced that it will provide free labour for five servicing schedules to buyers of the first 30,000 units. It was also revealed that prices in East Malaysia is RM2,000 more expensive across the entire model range.

Here’s the complete specification breakdown of all four X50 variants, and you can also compare the SUV side-by-side on CarBase.my.

2020 Proton X50 1.5T Standard – RM79,200

2020 Proton X50 1.5T Executive – RM84,800

2020 Proton X50 1.5T Premium – RM93,200

2020 Proton X50 1.5 TGDi Flagship – RM103,300

GALLERY: Proton X50 1.5T Executive

GALLERY: Proton X50 1.5T Premium

GALLERY: Proton X50 1.5 TGDi Flagship

GALLERY: Proton X50 official photos

Yay! Let’s talk about x50 the whole day today.. And maybe tomorrow also to keep the momentum going!

Still I feel that the Executive variant is the right one to choose from !

All thumbs up for the X50

(Like) Perodua Rocky turbo RM63k. (Dislike) Proton X50 Flagship RM103k

Just like the Axia is a basic cheap car, Rocky also a cheap basic SUV. So the poor can have a little taste of a modern SUV.

Extra RM24.1k can get AEB, FCW, ACC with stop & go, ICC, LKA, LDW, BLIS, IHBC,TPMS and APA.

With this kind of high price Aruz is definitely a better buy…seven seater and its a japanese unlike this china made…some more its a rebadge…just cannot brain why the price is so high…

Then, go make yourself one la…dont complaint too much..

Japanese? Hahah Japanese fanbois fooling themselves, this is as Japanese as Mitsubishi Spender.. which is designed for Indon & Thai markets, never for Japan market.

Four-speed automobiles were manufactured in Japan during the ‘90s. If you like >20yr old japanese technology so much: Go ahead.

Got spec change from last review by Hafiz ke?

This car need wait how long? I don’t think still entitled SST exemption if book now and only manage get car next year.

Honestly, I think the price is still a bit too high if consider the monthly installment paid by the owner due to lower interest rate and better brand image offered by Japanese brand. I don’t think it will be good enough to attract current Jap’s owner and surely the salesmen and salesgirls of the Jap’s brand are having a breath of relieve for now.

20,000 and rising disagrees with you.

proton is getting greedy, mark up the price already. this 79-103k should be price with SST but with great demand, they play along with it and mark it up further. well played

I agree, smart move from Proton to gauge the response of the public before revealing the price of the car. They know many people are interested, so they can hike the price accordingly without anyone knowing. But don’t forget, those orders are not firm as no price was indicated at that time. So, many might drop interest after seeing the price announced. We shall see.

They think they are selling iphone..

Proton please cancel my booking. Return my booking fee pls.. i tot premium price btw 75 to 80k..

Yay, less one people in the waiting list…

Then quickly move aside, you’re block my my wait in line.

80k for all those specs. You wake up already?

You’re asking Proton, on Paultan, to return your booking fee?

The sad part, is that this car does not look bad at all, inside out… why sad then? Because this was made possible thanks to China, not to Malaysian.

The inside look good made possible by Malaysians.

You said it china…then lower the price make it affordable…its not japanese for heaven sake…price too high…proton chinese boss so greedy…just sack him…its just a rebadge nothing else…a china product not japanese…dont fool the rakyat with that kind of ridiculous pricing…proton like perodua supposed to be affordable not cekik darah…

Go make your own car la…dont complain too much

you acknowledge proton as a rebadge company from china. but why cant you acknowledge perodua as a rebadge company too from daihatsu. no daihatsu and toyota, confirm perodua die long ago

agree with you they forgot they are still rebadged china car think already on par with the japs

if without proton brand and support here no malaysian will care and will shy away from this china car..with geely name. seriously have anyone seen other china passenger car brand doing well here? no right. will u buy one? i bet no too

Your impression of Chinese products is 10 years outdated. After CMCO, go out and see yourself how competitively good their products are today.

r u blind? im talking bout china brand car.

not phone, tv, electronics, digital products etc

100% bet u wouldnt buy china brand car now in msia if it wasnt sold as proton. i do support proton rebadged geely…but not at this outrageous price. local ckd + china = 1 tier below n pricing

R u stoopid or something? I am talking about the car. This is a car blog, not a blog for you to rant your hate and narrow-mindedness. Since you don’t know, I’ve been in China Buicks & Caddys & other Chinese premium sedans, they don’t lose anything to established luxury marques except the branding. What outrageous pricing are you blabbering? This is right at B Segment level prices which is 1 tier below your glorified Jap brands. See how much your HRV/ CX-30/ CHR are selling before you talk.

duhhh…buick, caddilac is GM brand. top selling passenger car brand in china is VW, Honda, Toyota. y they dont buy their own brand huh

neither do i see ur glorified china brand car sold in msia, singapore, us, europe… basically other than china land

n y u stupid suddenly talk shit bout luxury marques. is proton n geely top marks? haha

You katak never went to China is it? Go there and see their cars even from foreign brands are designed for China market, they share little with origin counterparts. China can design and build their own cars whether under their local brands or foreign brands. They can design luxury cars up to German marque levels. Get yourself updated before you talk.

First u said china car brands and chinese premium sedan r so good.

But now u called foreign brands that develop local model and topped china sale chart as china car brands???

Man..im really perplexed by ur cleverness n china knowledge…..hahahahaha

Most car brands do localized version to suit specific market needs duhhh

Btw…i’ve yet to see u name a single china car brand that …as u said…dont lose anything to established luxury marques..

Got aircon vents in the rear, made possible by Malaysians.

While red-lining give a sporty element in the car,red dashboard looks darn horrible..

Executive variant will be the best selling considering it has all the bare necessities especially in safety department.

You will be surprise to find that flagship will probably receive the highest booking.

I still remember HRV, when launched. The top of the range had 70% of all the bookings. Malaysia ni complain aje banyak. But when it comes to buying car, tak ingat tomorrow.

For me, Premium will be value for money.

Once SST price kick in, and the P2 SUV launch, then X50 sales go down the drains.

By then, the economy stimulus would drop and Perodua SUV would have lost sales from SST free period this year. Their SUV would be DOA.

Proton X50 1.5 TGDi Flagship is the best car to get. Complete with ACC with stop and go function for traffic jam. I haven’t test driven it or seen it in the showroom, but judging from the spec given, it is value for money.

Two things that I don’t like judging from the pictures, first is the 1-piece rear carpet, difficult to clean. Whenever you are remove the carpet to throw away all the debris, somehow some of it will drop on the car floor because of the inefficient carpet design.

Second, I don’t know how the gear knob feels, but from the pictures it looks flimsy, it doesn’t look solid. I hope the feel is good enough as in the BMW car, because the design looks very similar to the BMW joystick type gear knob.

Overall good design, good spec and good price range, IMHO.

I want to step in on the opinion of 1-piece rear carpet. I have a car with a 1 piece carpet, and the other car has its carpets separated into 3. After I’ve picked up friends in my 3-piece carpet car, the mats slid out of place & under the seats, Eventhough the mats are studded underneath to keep it from moving around, it still slid.

In the car with the 1-piece carpet, it always stays in place. Sure, the time I angkat the carpet dirt falls out, but the only time I angkat the 1-piece carpet is when I want to vacuum the car anyway.

Executive has all the basics you need.

Is it market-practice to say OTR price, but without insurance?

The design look outdated already

Why is Proton taking so slow to export these products to markets such as UK, Taiwan, etc? This bloody car will definitely sell well in European markets as well as Asia. In fact, it is much better than Korean car. Please Proton, make Malaysia proud instead of these Politikus.

all same full LED headlamps?

or the standard model gets the yellow bulb type headlamp with LED DRL?

Malu la proton every basic tech put all into the flagship variant only, blind spot monitoring? Auto rain wipers? Even toyota not that ccb

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