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2022-08-08 05:21:09 By : Ms. Jenny Zhan

Posted by The Brake Report | Feb 1, 2021

Cartersville, Ga. – Marathon Brake Systems, a heavy duty friction leader for more than 30 years, has applied its braking expertise to develop a complete line of DiscStar air disc brake rotors for a variety of heavy duty applications.

Marathon introduced its first DiscStar air disc pad for transit applications in 2003.

Marathon’s new air disc rotors are manufactured to original-equipment thickness specifications to resist warping and cracking issues caused by high temperature applications.

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DiscStar air disc brake rotors are designed to address a wide range of aftermarket air disc brake applications, including on-highway trucks and trailers, motor coaches, transit buses, school buses, fire trucks, waste haulers and many others.

DiscStar rotors feature an optimized venting design and maximized heat sink to further enhance their thermal resistance properties. DiscStar rotors are engineered to ECE R90 European standards and feature a pillar venting design for faster cooling, less “heat checking” and cracking. Marathon’s world class rotors are manufactured in an ISO 9000/TS16949 certified plant and are geometrically tested for design, metallurgical composition, hardness and balance. In addition, the rotors undergo a thermal integrity test at high loads.

Utilizing Marathon’s DiscStar rotors in combination with proven DiscStar pads will provide smooth stopping and a longer service life to lower a fleet’s maintenance costs.

Marathon air disc pads have been proven performers for more than 15 years in a wide range of applications. DiscStar Pad and rotor compatibility has been engineered into both the friction material as well as the rotor and verified with RP628C and SAE J2115 wear testing standards. Marathon has developed specific pad formulations and rotor designs for a wide range of on-highway, motor coach, school bus, severe duty and transit bus applications.

Marathon Brake Systems has been serving the North American trucking industry for more than 25 years. Marathon offers the industry’s most complete family of friction materials, with brake linings for general over-the-road and transit applications, as well as a variety of severe-duty vehicles, including liquid tanker, grain, cement, logging, sand and gravel, oil delivery and refuse trucks. Created using higher density friction material formulations than the leading competitors, all Marathon products come with the Best-In-Class guarantee, ensuring your brake lining is more resistant to wear and brake/water fading, with stronger structural integrity, making it less likely to crack while in service. 

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