Bugatti tests world's first 3D-printed brake caliper -

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Earlier this year, Bugatti announced that it will begin trialling its 3D-printed titanium brake calipers, which is a technological breakthrough – the new titanium caliper weighs 2.9 kg for dimensions of 41 cm long, 21 cm wide and 13.6 cm tall, representing a 40% weight reduction over the 4.9 kg aluminium alloy equivalent.

The scientific designation of the titanium alloy is Ti6AI4V, and it’s widely used in the aerospace industry for highly-stressed components such as for aircraft undercarriages, wings and engines. As a 3D-printed part, the material has a tensile strength of 1,250 N per square millimetre, also meaning that a force of 125 kg can be applied to a square millimetre of the titanium alloy before rupturing.

This new method of construction for brake calipers has been made possible by a high-performance 3D printer, which enables the use of titanium alloys such as the one used here for exceptional strength, performance and durability (the brake test here well exceeded 350 km/h!).

Volkswagen’s special 3D printer is currently the largest unit suitable for working with titanium, and is equipped with four 400-watt lasers. A total of 45 hours is elapsed in the printing of the Bugatti’s caliper, involving an additive manufacturing process. A total of 2,213 layers are required for this construction, which is then given heat treatment to ensure dimensional stability.

The automaker aims to make 3D printing a core process in its manufacturing phase, and will use 3D printers to mass produce car parts. Curious to see how this world’s first 3D-printed titanium brake caliper stacks up in a stress test? Watch the video above to find out. What do you think of this, folks?

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Dont mind test those titaniums on my Civic typeR.

Amazing advancement on 3D Printing, bye-bye diecasting manufacturer.

In near future, spare part dealer will close shop. Just scan the part and print it 3D. No more cheapo plastic clip for RM2.50 per piece. Bye bye…

There are so many of those plastic clips for sale at shopee and lazada. Why should you buy at RM2.50 per piece. 1 box of 100 pieces only cost less than 20 bucks which cover your bumper and all door clips.

45 hours of printing time is okay, given the very small numbers of calipers Bugatti need to build their cars.

For mass production, this is sheer nonsense..

later on, can print engine parts…. No worries about stock habiz…

no wonder it needs to be printed..the design was made with topology optimization..usually with give organic shape type of design

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