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2022-07-16 01:21:11 By : Ms. Angela Li

A poster has leaked what appears to be the formula used to allocate Nissan Z models to dealerships, in a post on the New Nissan Z forums.

According to the leaked image, initial allocations in August 2022 will consist of the special Proto Spec launch model. Dealers that sold more than 10 Nissan 370Zs from January 2018 to December 2020 will get one Proto Spec Z. Dealers that sold more than 30 units in the same time period will get two.

Limited to just 240 units, the Proto Spec Z features a black interior with special yellow trim and an optional two-tone paint scheme, pairing the Ikazuchi yellow body with a black roof. It also sports unique 19" wheels and yellow brake calipers.

All dealers will receive at least one example of the Sport or Performance models during the initial launch phase, at some point after the Proto Spec allocation has begun. Priority allocation for additional units will be decided based on prior dealership figures for the 370Z.

The leaked document states that the allocation process will operate in this fashion for the first 90 days after all trims are available. Beyond that, Nissan will revert to using its typical allocation process used for regular models.

It's no surprise Nissan is taking such measures given the hype around the launch of the new Z. It makes sense to place the cars with dealers that know how to shift sports cars, after all. If you want a Z and want one soon, though, it'll pay to make some calls sooner rather than later.

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