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Spare parts car parts brake parts Brake Caliper for Ford MONDEO III OEM No.: 1S712253AE /1S712252AEBudweg No. 343280 /343281 Fit position: Wheel Rear Piston Dia.: Ø 38 mmFord MONDEO III (B5Y) 2000-Ford MONDEO III Saloon (B4Y) 2000- FORDFORD  MONDEO III (B5Y) 1.8

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Spare parts car parts brake parts Brake Caliper for Ford MONDEO III 
OEM No.: 1S712253AE /1S712252AE
Budweg No. 343280 /343281

 Fit position: Wheel Rear
 Piston Dia.: Ø 38 mm

Ford MONDEO III (B5Y) 2000-
Ford MONDEO III Saloon (B4Y) 2000-
FORD  MONDEO III (B5Y) 1.8 16V1798814Hatchback2000-2007
FORD  MONDEO III (B5Y) 1.8 16V1798924Hatchback2000-2007
FORD  MONDEO III (B5Y) 1.8 SCi1798964Hatchback2003-2007
FORD  MONDEO III (B5Y) 2.0 16V19991074Hatchback2000-2007
FORD  MONDEO III (B5Y) 2.0 16V DI / TDDi / TDCi1998664Hatchback2000-2007
FORD  MONDEO III (B5Y) 2.0 16V TDDi / TDCi1998854Hatchback2000-2007
FORD  MONDEO III (B5Y) 2.0 TDCi1998964Hatchback2001-2007
FORD  MONDEO III (B5Y) 2.5 V6 24V24951256Hatchback2000-2007
FORD  MONDEO III (B5Y) ST22029671666Hatchback2002-2007
FORD  MONDEO III Saloon (B4Y) 1.8 16V1798814Saloon2000-2007
FORD  MONDEO III Saloon (B4Y) 1.8 16V1798924Saloon2000-2007
FORD  MONDEO III Saloon (B4Y) 1.8 SCi1798964Saloon2003-2007
FORD  MONDEO III Saloon (B4Y) 2.0 16V19991074Saloon2000-2007
FORD  MONDEO III Saloon (B4Y) 2.0 16V DI / TDDi / TDCi1998664Saloon2000-2007
FORD  MONDEO III Saloon (B4Y) 2.0 16V TDDi / TDCi1998854Saloon2000-2007
FORD  MONDEO III Saloon (B4Y) 2.0 TDCi1998964Saloon2001-2007
FORD  MONDEO III Saloon (B4Y) 2.5 V6 24V24951256Saloon2000-2007
FORD  MONDEO III Saloon (B4Y) ST22029671666Saloon2002-2007

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